Step 1:

Place Root Anchor around the base of the tree.

Step 2:

Drive the anchor strap down into the undisturbed soil. Pull all straps up to set each anchor.

Step 3:

Plum your tree or large shrub, pull the tightening  strap, locking the root ball in place.

We're Changing the Landscape!

The ROOT ANCHOR™ Underground Tree Staking System installs in seconds to create a professional sub-surface tree support secured deep into undisturbed soil. It’s patented design prevents tree trunk damage and reduces future maintenance costs and liability. Make your landscapes beautiful and safe on Day One!

It can be quickly and easily installed by centering the ring over the surface of the root ball then driving the three stakes outside the root ball and into the undisturbed earth below the hole. The resulting underground cage will allow the young roots to develop in a stable environment while holding the transplanted tree upright during high winds.

Beautiful Results

Since the Root Anchor is invisible after installation your trees will look their best on the first day they are installed. Nothing to block your mower or your view.

Saves Time

Our system is easy to install, saves time, and provides incredible tree support. Trees are allowed to move with the wind and grow stronger.

Prevents Trunk Damage

We anchor trees at the root level (the trees natural place for stability) instead of the current system which is around the neck of the tree. Trees are allowed to grow naturally without trunk girdling.

Reduced Liability

Our stakeless system gets rid of dangerous stakes, T-posts and guy wires.

Very Secure

The Root Anchor secures the tree in place at the root ball, caging it solidly and instantly replicates a mature root system.

Various Sizes

The ROOT ANCHOR™ Underground Tree Staking System fits different size trees, even multi-trunk trees….a problem for standard T-post staking

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